Waxing Studio is now available at our 13th Avenue & Downtown locations!

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Specialty Brow Shaping $22
Full Facial Wax $40
Brow, Lip, Chin, Ears, Nose, Sideburns or Neck (Single) $15
Combination of 2 $20
Combination of 3 $26
 Brow Tint $15
Lash Tint $25
Women's Waxing
Brazilian $75
Brazilian Maintenance $60
Extended Bikini $50
Bikini $40
Full Leg $75
Half Leg $45
Full Arm $45
Half Arm $30
Underarm $30
Back $30
Half Back $15
Abdomen $30
Men's Waxing
Full Leg $85
Half Leg $60
Full Arm $50
Half Arm $35
Underarm $35
Buttocks/Cheek $45
Buttocks $25
Chest $55
Abdomen $30
Chest/Abdomen $75
Full Back $65
Half Back $40
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