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Our History

For 25 years the Olivieri’s name has been synonymous with leading edge hair and beauty services, quality salon products, and customer care.

Olivieri’s is an award-winning salon offering a full line of beauty and wellness services including haircuts, hair color, hair extensions, massage, facials, body treatments, waxing, makeup services and more.

Olivieri’s Salons has taken on several different locations and personas in which we’ve always strived to bring North Dakota the cutting edge industry standards.

Olivieri’s Salons is a dedicated team of technically trained, creative professionals with exceptional education standards and passion for customer service. Continual growth of the company stems by building the inner strength and self-esteem of each client and our method is through continuous education.

History – About Us

The Olivieris



Mario was born into hairdressing royalty. As the son of Joseph and Vaughnnie Olivieri he grew up in his Uncle Funzy’s barbershop in Dilworth, MN and his father’s numerous beauty schools and salons. His biggest influence in life, his father, Joseph Olivieri, happens to be a man that could be considered North Dakota’s ‘Godfather of Hair’. Mario would travel the state at a very young age learning and being mentored by his father.

Once Mario graduated from Josef’s School of Hair Design in 1984, he went on to win many local and national hairstyling competitions, including the World of Beauty in 1985. He then trained under another influential man and family member, Rocco Altobelli. It was under him he truly became a force to be reckoned with. He was trained with the most influential people in the industry and was taught precision haircutting and the skills that would later lead him to his own success in the industry.

Mario wanted to bring his knowledge and new found passion back to his home state. Upon his return, he worked under his father until he later bought Josef’s School of Hair Design in 1991. Mario also felt the call to open a salon that would bring Fargo the modern styles and fashion he continued to see in larger cities and fashion capitols around the world.


Elaine started in the beauty industry as a receptionist at Olivieri’s salon in 2000, while pursuing an Education Degree at MSUM. It was there, she learned how life-changing the field of cosmetology could be. Surrounded by the most talented hairstylists in the area, she realized her desire for something more, and her hidden talents for styling.

After Graduating from Josef’s School of Hair Design in 2003, she started as a color technician at the then, 45th street specialized Olivieri’s Salon. She was a full time colorist for three years until she started sharing her time between instructing at Josef’s. She wanted to share the extensive education and experience she received behind the chair with newcomers to the industry. Coming from an educational background, she saw importance of an enthusiastic approach to a strong, core foundation of color education.

One of her most gratifying experiences was becoming a Goldwell Haircolor Educator in 2009. She was part of a select team that studied at the Goldwell Academy and Headquarters in Baltimore , MD. After certification, she travelled and educated hairstylists across the Midwest and became part of an elite team of educators for the Aerial Company.

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