Buy modafinil adelaide - Buy modafinil in nigeria

Buy modafinil adelaide - Buy modafinil in nigeria

Because raising someone’s self-esteem & confidence or managing stress level is the best gift one can give.

Gift cards can also be purchased over the phone or at any Olivieri’s Salons location.


Gift cards can be purchased in any domination

Here are some suggested gift card amounts for various services.
Need help choosing the right gift card amount?
Take a look at our services page for a list of our service and pricing.

$25 Gift Card

• Hair Styling

• Malibu Conditioning Treatment (see services page for description)

• Eye Brow, Lip and Chin Hair Removal

$50 Gift Card

• Clarifiying Mask (see services page for description)

• Oxgenating Trio (see services page for description)

• 30 Minute Massage



$100 Gift Card

• Brazilian Hair Removal

• Milis Detoxifying Cellulite Wrap

• Bridal Upstyle

  • 1 hour facial
  • 60-90 minute massage
  • Haircut/color
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